Love Triangle Smack Down #2: Unearthly Series – Tucker vs. Christian

BoundlessCover2Unearthly, Hallowed, Boundless (Unearthly Series) by Cynthia Hand

  • Main attraction: Clara Gardner is our main character torn between a life determined by fate and free will and presented in the form of two seriously amazing guys. 
  • Love interest #1: Tucker Avery is Jackson Hole’s little cowboy who had swept away our lovely heroine with his charming good looks and utterly sweet personality in book one of the series. 
  • Love Interest #2: Christian Prescott is our devoted and thoroughly perfect boy angel, Clara’s destiny and partner in life — sweet, caring, handsome and protective in every single way possible.

My Thoughts

I don’t know how to break this to you, but this is absolutely one of the most perfectly crafted triangles I have ever had the honor of reading. Cynthia Hand is a genius. Her ability to write and use just the right words to express Clara’s feelings and those around her is simply magical. People hate love triangles because they are overdone, but it’s stories like these that make you want to revel in the world of romance and love triangles, wishing you were in the center of it all. Gosh…I’m a hopeless romantic.

Clara’s choice between Tucker and Christian is undeniably a hard one. If you read my Unearthy and Hallowed review from almost a year ago, then you know that I am a huge Tucker fan.  Huge. I mean I would seriously vouch for Tucker as one of the best love interests ever written in YA books ever. And if you haven’t read this series, you need to because you’ll understand what it is about this sweet normal human guy that wins over all of those dark brooding mysterious bad boys everyone seems to love.

I love Tucker — every word and everything he does is beautiful. The love between him and Clara? Epic. Not in the world-is-ending-epic-battle sort of way…but the kind of epic that you see in your grandparents’ wedding photos. The kind of love that lives through time. The kind of love that they make movies and write songs about. It’s just like how Wendy puts it when she tells Clara:

“It’s you, Clara. You’re the only one, from the first day he saw you. He looks at you exactly the same way my daddy looks at my mom.”

It’s so human in a book about angels and fallen beings. The summer of Tucker and Clara was unforgettable in Unearthly and I think that’s why I’m such a big fan of these two together. I know that’s why I root for them. He was her first love and that love was so precious that it seemed unbreakable. There’s just something about Tucker that draws me to him — the little things that he says and does — that makes me love him.

But then there’s Christian Prescott. Christian who happens to be just as perfect and equally suitable for Clara in that he meets Tucker toe-to-toe when it comes to being a good guy. The thing about the Unearthly series is that, while Tucker is our main guy in book one, Christian steals the spotlight in the third and final book of the Unearthly series. I was still rooting for Tucker in book two, but by the time I was nearing the end of Boundless, I was seriously contemplating who should and shouldn’t be with Clara. Deep down, I will always and forever be a Tucker fan — but I’d be lying if I said Christian didn’t deserve to be with Clara or that I didn’t for a moment, think that it would actually be okay if Clara chose Christian.

Christian’s sacrifices, his devotion and his true love for Clara did not go unnoticed. I applaud how well Cynthia Hand was able to develop this character to the point where even Tucker fans appreciated Christian. Christian, who seemed like just a random high school jock in the first book, eventually becomes our “hero.” He makes the romantic struggles in this series heart wrenching and so difficult because he’s it. The guy who’s by Clara’s side from start to finish, through heaven and hell. Hand does a wonderful job keeping us guessing up to the very end what Clara decides to do between Tucker and Christian.

No matter what, I think we all know that it’s going to be a bittersweet ending for our trio. Tucker’s love for Clara is too perfect that we can’t possibly imagine Clara saying goodbye to him forever. The things he says and how he does it — the fact that Clara always accidentally crosses over to his barn — makes your heart literally squeeze with how special their relationship had been. And Christian’s love is both equally real and right. He’s her anchor and the one person that sticks with her through all the crap they endure — her other half, just as Hand puts it.

At some point, really, it’s not even about destiny and free will anymore. The boys both love her freely and so does Clara. Hence, the love triangle. Again, one of the best love triangles written by a young adult author out there and I’m honored to have read and reviewed it.

So tell me, who were you rooting for — Good ol’ Tucker or dreamy Christian?

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2 thoughts on “Love Triangle Smack Down #2: Unearthly Series – Tucker vs. Christian

  1. I know! It was a hard decision but I think Cynthia Hand handles it pretty well. Christian was pretty awesome in the third book but I don’t know…there’s just something about Tucker that was really genuine.

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